Thank you for your trust and I am honoured to be your guide.

Welcome to taking the next step…

The Hour of Power Session: (Sovereignty Alignment) 

Foundations: This is truly the start of the journey as we begin the ‘heavy lifting’ letting go of any chords of attachment or connection to other people, places and things: giving you back your sovereign self: ‘yourself, yourself and no one but yourself!’

This deeply activating session will allow for a clean space to begin to create solid foundations to call in all that you desire.

You will leave this session with a Clear Action Plan and know with certainty: what are the next most obvious steps to take from where you are now, to align to where you deeply want to go!

Here you are introduced to the key concepts and tools we will be using throughout your healing journey working with Quantum healing to align the 4 bodies: mind, body, emotions and energy.

Most often the response I get from my clients after this session is this is the most clear, peaceful, hopeful and liberated they have ever felt. Almost like they get to take a deep breath… for the very first time.

Session 75 mins
Investment $375 +GST

N.B. (All payments are claimable on tax as Professional Development if appropriate to you)
Credit card payments are available: a 2.7% surcharge will apply.


Imagine You…. Designing and creating the life of your dreams NOW… It starts with YOU.


The one and only greatest super-power each of us have on this planet is the power of choice. Our choices are neither good nor bad, though they do ultimately define the person we become…

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Matthew N, CEO

I was completely exhausted and burnt out with my existence. I had tried almost everything to sort myself out and was desperate enough to open to inviting the less tangible soul-level nurturance and energy work into the picture because nothing else was working.
Ella is an incredibly warm, respectful, caring, intelligent, confident and totally in-tune woman. She knew me better than I knew me, at times scarily so. Her direct and totally energized approach kept me going up and up!! What I received from Ella has been a clarity, freshness and reinvigoration that has completely transformed my outlook, my state and facilitated my current healing path. My priorities and world as I know it have completely shifted. Life changing.
I am more abundant, my relationships have become more intimate and I am connecting to myself and the world around me empowered, confident and energized. I have been working with Ella ongoing for the last 5 months and have experienced the power of incorporating both Tantric practice with coaching. I believe this has facilitated the greatest shift for me. Forever grateful. I recommend this magic woman to anyone. Though not what you might call ‘conventional’ working with Ella in this way has facilitated the most profound changes in me that, prior to experiencing it for myself, I never would have thought possible; and in the shortest amount of time!!! Thank you, Ella you are a true healer.

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Fernanda Burrows, Psychologist

Ella’s work heals you to the core of your being and helps you to transcend on such a deep level. She picked up the trauma and disconnection I could feel but could not heal unless I had this powerful goddess showering me with her divine love, unconditional presence and psychic abilities. This is the real deal- truly powerful, impressive and deeply transformative. Truly the best gift you can give yourself if you want to evolve your consciousness and be the best version of you! Thank you. Gratitude and so blessed to have found you. Powerful stuff!!!

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Rob S, Teacher

Working with Ella has been an eye and heart opener for me. She helped me to get out of my head/thoughts and start to make connection with heart values and energy. This has kick started for me a refreshed relationship with my masculine and feminine energies and connection to the power and potential this reveals.
Ella’s facilitation, insight and belief has helped me to recognise road blocks, and embrace a fresh and fundamental understanding of who I am and where I fit.
Working with Ella is safe, powerful and transformational

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Michelle M, Yoga Teacher

Ella is a truly amazing & inspirational woman. She has a remarkable ability to create & hold a sacred space free of judgment & full of permission to step up & claim our feminine sovereignty. She is intuitive, playful & her passion for her work & life is contagious. When I signed up to work with Ella I had no real idea of what I was signing up for. I just knew I wanted some of her strength, passion & zest for life. After just 5 weeks with her I feel so much more deeply connected to my deepest self. My vision and what I am manifesting. If you’re looking to transform your life I cannot recommend Ella more highly.

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Ruby J, Counsellor & Relationship Coach

In the last 10 years I have been a personal development junkie! Yet, I was going to workshops to fix parts of me, not actually confront them and step into my own intrinsic knowledge and power. I was always waiting for others ‘to fix me’. Working with Ella shattered and rocked me to the core and blew away all my expectations!!! Not only did I feel like I had come home to myself in such a different way of love, yet I felt connected and awake in my body. I also started to feel like I finally knew what it was that was blocking me truly stepping out and leaping into all the parts of life I was so scared shitless of.
Ella has a beautiful natural way of being able to remind me of parts of myself that I have numbed away or blocked. To be able to uncover these parts with a level of clarity and intention that has caused me to want to work on myself to a level I did not even think possible.
Ella teaches from a place of raw cathartic vulnerability and an openness that I had never seen before in a facilitator.
Since working with her I have had a full paradigm shift and re programmed neural pathways to break any sabotaging patterns: healed a lifelong eating disorder, left my soul destroying job to follow my hearts true calling and doing it all empowered, Fuck! It’s incredible when you are given a framework that works in your life and have the support on a level that makes you feel fully safe, loved and celebrated, this is where the healing and the magic happens. This testimonial cannot even begin to give the level of gratitude to Ella and her incredible offerings for the world. What a gift! If you are sitting on the fence about working with her… Do it, and trust yourself. This course and program will rewrite your whole life on a level you cannot even imagine!!!

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Carolina P, Teacher

A huge THANK YOU! I am so full of gratitude for your work with me during our session in January. Even after four weeks, my life is almost completely different now to what it was two months ago! It’s only the start of the school year, but I’m enjoying my role at school so much more now. I have a renewed sense of purpose and my intention has been and will remain to enjoy what I do and how I’m doing it too! My relationships with my friends and family have improved and most importantly I’ve reconnected with a potential partner whom I met in July 2016. And I’ve had more fun and exciting dates in the last three weeks than I’ve had in the last three years. Thank you so much for helping me get back to my sovereignty!! It’s been so powerful.
With gratitude

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Lindsay K, Engineer

The Sovereignty Alignment session was quite transformative for me. Your extraordinary ability to put your finger on my key blockages/issues, your gentle guidance in how to change how I think about those issues and empowering me to embrace my past with love and change the choices that form my "now" lifted an enormous weight that I have been carrying for years. Your total integrity and unconditional love and regard allowed me to see how my rejection of myself had led me into a bleak wilderness that I could actually choose to leave. While I had previously come across the ideas you talked about - we create our own reality, the only reality we have is now, and it is created by the choices we make - I had only ever thought about them "in my head" and never wholeheartedly embraced them in my heart. That shifting of my vision has been a priceless gift and I deeply thank you for it. The effect it has had on my relationship with my partner has been immediate and profound. Thank you.

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Where to start with Ella? A world-class talent; her insight and intuitive expertise are unparalleled. I came to the session seeking clarity and alignment regarding the passion and purpose of my small business. She gently guided me through the process and has opened my mind to new opportunities and experiences. My offering now feels fully congruent to my vision and values. The impact in the days following has been astonishing - brand new interactions and openings have arisen, with a meaningful change in my own thought process and barriers. The results were almost instantly effective and I will be forever grateful for her gift.

M.J x

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T.S., Health & Fitness Industry

Ella has transformed our business!
The guidance and influence she has infused into our business had us off and running before our doors were even open. She is an amazing and enigmatic individual to work with who is extremely knowledgeable, exhilarating and a catalyst for change and development. Our business definitely wouldn't be where it is without her influence and experience. Smashing it! Ella is awesome.

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L.C., New Zealand

Ella... Thank you so so so much... I finally feel like myself again! I felt like I was spinning and couldn’t stop... now I feel like me. My baby is much happier too.
We had such a better more settled night... I haven’t checked mainstream media today... I just feel different.
I’ve made some very empowered decisions around my work situation too - I’m aware of all the opportunities. I’ve totally taken back my power!
I feel much calmer today. Thank you, I’m so grateful for your support xxx

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I was gifted a session with the beautiful Ella from a dear friend whom thought I needed it most. To him I will be forever thankful because I found a soul that has guided me to fall in love with myself, feel powerful and understand my emotions, intentions and purpose. When I came to Ella at the beginning, I was all over the place, unsure, not confident and lost. Those words no longer resonate with me. I thank you Ella, from the bottom of my heart. You have helped me immensely in just a few sessions. I look forward to the ongoing journey.

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I had the privilege of working with Ella recently. Myself and my partner shared an amazing session. Ella has a special and unique gift, she tunes deep into your "soul" and takes you on an incredible journey. She gives you the tools and confidence to continue your personal growth. I left Ella feeling at peace and experienced a new and intimate bond with my partner. Thanks Ella for giving me a small part of you.

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A one on one session with Ella is only the beginning, she sends through such incredible Clear Action Plans. Ella, you are so educational, on point and on fire magic lady!
I wanted to say, although or last session was one of the more challenging (lots of topics that triggered uncomfortable feelings - and facing fears etc) but WOW having had 2 weeks now to reflect upon it all and do your "homework/play" the results have been… once again, life SHIFTING!
Going back to work next week, I trust I will practice carrying this feeling of calm and empowerment over to the office/school environment. You have given me tools that have been highly effective and boosted my confidence to apply in all areas of my life as we address specific issues. Such a perfect balance 🙌 Grateful!

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My journey and experience with Ella has been incredibly empowering and cleansing for mind, body and soul. I use the methods learned during our coaching sessions in daily life. Her breadth of knowledge and guidance is Oracle like and she is a living angel for many. Ella introduced me to TCM, the works of Byron Katie, Wayne Dyer amongst many other life enriching experiences. Thank you Ella 🙏

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I’m so grateful for this journey with you Ella.
So thankful for you sharing your skills, and so determined that this becomes a catalyst for making the changes of what my hearts desires. I remember when we started my dream was to lose the weight that I had shielded myself and harmed myself with. I wanted to find my joy and my voice. I wanted to enjoy my time with my partner and children and feel like a Queen and not their maid. 2 years on and hasn't life changed! 16kilos lighter. My relationship is thriving and so are my children. I love who I am when I look in the mirror now and claim my pleasure power on a daily basis!
I am a Queen!”

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Namaste. My initial apprehension was put to rest the moment I picked up the phone and poured my heart out to Ella. In true sense has been a Goddess to guide me through my journey. Ella's holistic approach with great integrity, guided me to understanding the art of sacred sexuality. Her conscious love and personal devotion helped and guided me to know my inner self and explore my mind and body. She has a very compassionate communicative demeanor. Why did I not meet her earlier.
Ladies and gentlemen please, please break out of your inhibitions and be liberated. Love and gratitude.

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Ella, thank you for sharing your full self through presenting such an authentic program, and creating a safe space for us all to dig deep and experience breakthroughs. I felt greater clarity in my power and balanced in my energy through the process.”

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Manifesting like a mofo!! I had almost nothing a week ago when I came to work with you and today I just clocked over $10k for the the lucky bitch app too!”

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Ella Hall is a passionate and energetic woman always inclined to go the extra mile to make the business owners experience something truly special. Her role as a mentor and coach to our staff and management team was integral to the growth and success of our business overall and helped us boost morale and ultimately increased our student base by more than 300% over the period she was contracted to work with us.
Her energy and passion to build incredible culture, for team play, connection, great communication, successful sales and retention in the health and fitness industry is second to none! Superstar.”