~ Testimonials from THEM ~

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“My partner and I are currently working with this beautiful lady both energetically, tantric, separate and together. It is amazing how truly beautiful, full of integrity, passion, honesty and love she is and has. Ella is not only someone we are journeying with but a soul we love and adore and we are so grateful on all levels.”

Charlotte & Paul 


“I stumbled onto Ella’s page looking into ways to bring my beautiful partner back online sexually after past sexual trauma she suffered in her teens resurfaced. I needed something that would be safe and gentle, and that she would also be into… We were desperate. All the joy had been taken out of her and our sex life. I am a patient man and I love her unconditionally. But I knew there must be something we could do together that could bring back the woman I met 5 years ago. The passion we both shared. We are a young good looking couple and only have eyes for each other. So it hurts when you see your partner hurting and you feel constantly shut down. I love her but, to be honest, I didn’t think I could continue this way if nothing changed.

I liked the fact that Ella is a life coach so that grabbed me. Ella took the time and spoke to us both in depth explaining the service and how we would all journey together. My partner was really on board and open to the idea.

We invested in the ‘The Experience Package’.  I spared no expense hiring a room at the Sofitel and making the night a magical one from start to finish. Ella gave us ground work and by the time she arrived we were already in such an open state to receive her that the night flowed and 4 hours was over in a flash, yet it felt like all time stopped completely.

It was magic. My beautiful lady opened before me. Tears were shed. I got to see the feminine in a brand new light that both made my knees weak and honoured me as a man. I know what my woman needs now in order to feel safe and held. Ella is a life changer and saved our relationship.

Thank you Goddess. Forever in your debt.”

Hank & Sarah


“What can we say… Ella, thanks for an amazing, exciting, empowering experience. We will do our exercises and practise well. We have never been so happy to practise anything before 😉 Love how you call it ‘Home-PLAY’!”

Steve & Ali