What is the ‘MORE’ that you seek?

Is it: Peace? Permission? Pleasure? Power? Abundance? Wealth? Vitality? Connection? Love? Or something totally different…?

Let Ella guide you to claiming ALL that you desire.

Ella Hall has been immersed in the world of personal transformation, development, coaching and healing for the past 21 years.

Below is a selection of introductory offers that she provides. To discuss these options further, design a tailored package or to book an appointment, please call +61 0484 388 778.

“Ella is a miracle worker… Ella helped me clear my biggest blocks so I could move again and I now feel capable of growth.” – Sheena

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$150 AUD for 60 minutes.

“One word… Incredible!”


  • Do you want to learn how to channel your Sexual energy & enter Orgasmic States so powerful you can manifest the ‘MORE’ that you seek? More: love, peace, clarity, purpose, passion, pleasure, connection, intimacy, power, wealth, abundance, vitality, health etc?
  • Do you want to last longer and take charge of your sexual energy in lovemaking?
  • Are you looking to overcome Erectile Dysfunction or Premature Ejaculation drug free!
  • To find ways to come out of your ‘mind’ and back into your body: connect sex to heart?
  • To awaken your inner masculine and primal energy?
  • To explore a new way to pleasure your partner and to take your lovemaking and expertise in bed to the next level?
  • To invest in your own knowledge and experience, to awaken your ‘KING’ energy?!
  • To try something new?
  • To have a deeply relaxing and sensual experience in integrity?
  • To experience deeper intimacy & connection?

Thank you…
For your curiosity, willingness and courage to explore and find out more.
I warmly invite you now to open the door to unlock your own power through accessing your sacred sexuality.
Come on the journey with me…

Ella specialises in the art of Energetic Realignment and ORGASMIC MANIFESTING!

When we clear out the blocks and resistance and enter orgasmic states of BE-ing, all parts of us align in harmony, balance and congruency, and are integrated in integrity. We are never in a more powerful place to ask the Universe for all that we desire with pin point accuracy and laser beam intention!
These orgasmic states are very easily accessed through the practice of Tantra.

~ Session 1 – DELUXE TANTRA INITIATION – Surrender to the Goddess ~
90 min (futon) $550 OR extend your session to 2 hours $650

Indulge and melt as you Surrender to the Goddess. 
Unlike anything you have ever experienced. Go BEYOND Tantra. Be worshipped and RECEIVE as you melt into the loving arms of the Goddess. Allow Ella’s hands, body, energy and voice guide you into multi-orgasmic states of bliss as she initiates you to the world of Tantra to awaken your multi orgasmic nature, your power and ALL your pleasure.

Totally unique – This is an EXPERIENCE! There is NOTHING like this on the market

Even if you have tried Tantra before, or consider yourself to be a seasoned professional… you have never had an experience quite like this.
Ella is a transformational life coach, energetic realignment specialist and Sacred Sexuality Body-worker and Tantra Guide. Deeply intuitive she has an innate ability to take you on a journey as deep as you are ready to go. It is totally safe, intimate, sensual, nurturing and deeply healing. With healing hands and a hypnotic voice that will take you BEYOND where you have ever been.

You will leave feeling
– Aligned, grounded, calm, centered and clear
– Totally satisfied, satiated & deeply relaxed
– Loved on, nourished, re-energised and re-empowered
– You will have received a full understanding of the basics of Tantra: skills and tools that will serve you for life!

Session 1 Includes:
Full body worship ~ Nude sensual bodywork
Learn basic Tantric Principles, Tantric breath work and practices.
Home Play (homework thats fun!)

Investment: $550 90 mins / 2 hours $650
To book call or text 0484 388 778

Ask about DELUXE TANTRIC PACKAGES – each one of these have been created and are then tailored to you with the sole intention of supporting you on and throughout your healing/ manifesting journey with the Goddess.
Ask Ella about booking a DELUXE TANTRA package to really begin the journey of Orgasmic Manifesting and SAVE $ (these packages are not advertised on the website)!



Ella has been involved in the world of personal development, coaching and healing for the past 21 years.

As a practicing Tantric Goddess and Sacred Sexuality Guide she has deeply immersed herself in the world of Sacred Sex, Tantra, sexual healing, embodiment and empowerment.

Over the past 5+ years she has worked with, guided and facilitated hundreds of beautiful men, women and couples on the journey of self healing and empowerment to unlock their own innate gifts and awaken their sacred sexuality.

Mobile: 0484 388 778

ALL BOOKINGS are by appointment only. Hours: 7am – 7:30pm 7days (morning appointments are an amazing way to begin your day!)



“My intention in coming to see Ella was to learn, explore and try harnessing my life force energy to lead a better, balanced, harmonious and loving life – physically, sexually, emotionally and mentally.

Initially I walked into the session feeling nervous and a bit uncertain, but everything evolved so naturally and with a clear framework the pre-nerves and anxiety dissipated quickly and I became relaxed and natural. I left feeling energetic, confident and calm.

For anyone considering working with Ella… Definitely give a try – it’s worth it! Ella is a gorgeous person, wonderful teacher, coach and guide with natural talent, skills and gifts to make anyone confident and relaxed. She knows her subject matter exceptionally well. 10/10.”

“Look no further, elegance and beauty personified! Ella has an uncanny intuitiveness to delve into the depths of your psyche – An experience like no other”
Steve – Skype Session

“Ella truly is a Goddess. She will guide you on a transformational journey through your internal landscapes to open up your mind and heart like never before. Her compassionate authenticity coupled with tender touch will leave you walking away from the experience with a divine spring in your step”

Ella is a true goddess indeed, in every sense of the word. I am in awe of the love, warmth, light and power she commands and feel blessed indeed to have her as my guide. My sessions have been life changing.
Working with Ella is giving me back the power I lost a long time ago. The power to live and love as a King and not as a dominated, compliant shell. I am being recharged and energised. I am integrating and being reborn.”

To book your session call 0484 388 778.

“Ella is a miracle worker… In a couple of sessions Ella helped me clear my biggest blocks so I could move again and I now feel capable of growth.” – Sheena

If you would like to start on your tantric journey, we highly recommend that you begin with the Quantum Woman’s Way to Wealth, Pleasure and Abundance – coming in 2018.

If you’d like a session with Ella, please fill out this form and Ella will be in touch.

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Do you want to allow space for MORE…

MORE Peace?

MORE Permission?

MORE Power?

MORE Pleasure?


Are you ready now to let go of any blocks or armour that has or have been holding you back?

Do you want to access your pleasure more deeply?

Are you ready to release past trauma safety and healthfully without the need to go into any story?

Ella is a deeply intuitive Qualified Life Coach, practising Tantrica & Sacred Sexuality Guide.

She is passionate about helping women claim and step into their divine feminine power and teaches her own greatest ‘healing medicine’ through her offerings!

The QUANTUM WOMAN’S WAY to Wealth, Pleasure & Abundance – is coming… 2018!

What other women have said about working with Ella

“I have struggled for the past 4 years with my health, addiction, issues within my family and my relationship. I have done many other types of healing in the past but nothing felt the way I felt with my session with Ella. She is so deep and beautiful and she helps you to understand why you are feeling a certain way and where that has come from.

My intention was to start feeling better within myself and my relationship and wow did things come up. By the end of the session I felt so light and as though I was walking on clouds it was beautiful although the session was hard in certain points it was what I needed. Right now my body is still integrating and so much is still coming up but I am able to see much clearer where it is coming from and what my body needs to help it along. From this session I feel as though my body is becoming one again rather than just being scattered all over the place.

I was able to go to a dance class today which used to be my greatest love but I have had severe anxiety over it for the last 3 years, I can’t tell you how amazing it felt! I am already planning another session with my partner so that we can have the amazing relationship we both deserve. If you are considering a session with Ella please give yourself that gift because you deserve to feel amazing and loved in every way.”

“Ella is a miracle worker.
I was feeling very stuck around my sexuality and my body. I felt awful and, at times, I wished I could give up.
In a couple of sessions Ella helped me clear my biggest blocks so I could move again and I now feel capable of growth. Afterwards I felt so much lighter and really good in myself.
Ella is a super strong guide. She got in full alignment with me and helped me along my own journey with integrity. I felt completely honored and accepted by her.
My experiences were beautifully erotic. She is like no one else, so unique, you won’t find anyone else that can do what she can.”

“Last week after the radiant breast night I had so much grief and pain come up… It was very strong – I actually felt really alive because it was so vivid and so deep (which on one level was amazing because I realise it beat feeling numb) but obviously at the same time it was heavy and sooo painful
I felt l needed something extra to move my ‘stuff’ so on the weekend I had a powerful healing session with the supportive Ella Hall.
It was an amazing experience! I left feeling completely calm, centred and generally on cloud 9. The next day I woke up and as soon as l opened my eyes l felt completely rested, peaceful and had this amazing sense of clarity! I definitely feel that l have been able to let go of a layer of my grief and pains! ”

“Thank you Ella for such an amazing session. It was and is such a sacred way to heal yourself and get in touch with the sacred feminine goddess within. I am speechless and so grateful for this gift.”

“Ella Hall is a truly amazing & inspirational woman. She has a remarkable ability to create & hold a sacred space free of judgment & full of permission to step up & claim our feminine sovereignty. Ella is intuitive, playful & her passion for her work & life is contagious. When I signed up to work with Ella I had no real idea of what I was signing up for. I just knew I wanted some of her strength, passion & zest for life. After just 5 weeks with Ella I feel so much more deeply connected to my deepest self. If you’re looking to transform your life I cannot recommend Ella more highly.”

“Working with Ella was a privilege. To be in her presence and have her sharing here immense gifts is nothing short of transforming. This is one powerful woman! She opened my eyes and while gently holding my soul. If you feel the calling to work with Ella I can’t recommend that you answer that calling enough. She is the real deal and will change your life.”

To book call or text 0484 388 778